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Kentico DXP Has Easy to Use Marketing Features

By: Alex Lynch | 4/26/23

At SilverTech, we’re always looking for the best solutions for our clients. Today, we wanted to write about why we love telling our customers about Kentico. If you aren’t familiar with Kentico, it is a technology solutions company with a robust Digital Experience Platform (DXP).  As a consistent leader in the magic quadrant, Kentico is often rated highly for ease of use and a rich feature set.  One of the things we love about the Kentico platform is that, in addition to robust content and digital asset management features, it also has built-in marketing capabilities including marketing automation, drag-and-drop form designer and custom workflows.  

Kentico Marketing Features 

DXPs allow marketers to update a website’s content, however, Kentico also offers marketing capabilities typically used in CRMs and MA platforms such as:

  • Personalization 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Contact Management 
  • Lead Scoring 
  • Email Marketing 
  • A/B and MVT testing 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Third-party integration capabilities 

Manage Contacts with Ease 

Being able to monitor your audience at each stage of the customer journey is an important step to delighting your audience. Kentico allows you to keep a close eye on customer activities of subscribed contacts. Kentico recognizes the importance of quick marketing processes which is why it allows for marketers to carry out their efforts independently from technical teams. The platform automatically creates customer profiles for visitors, which is a convenient feature for analysis and can even create anonymous profiles until identification is possible. Customer profiles allow marketers to see what type of customers are visiting their site and what products and services these customers are looking for. From there, marketers can customize what each user sees based on their customer profile.  

Personalize the Experience 

Kentico’s personalization feature allows marketers to define guidelines and rules for personalization with the “visual rule designer.” This feature enables marketers to create the exact experience they have imagined for each customer segment. Built-in activity-tracking apps allow marketers to track visited pages and identify the most frequent users and their interests. Marketers can then use Kentico’s user-friendly interface to create personalized content and post it immediately to their site.  

Page Building Made Easy 

Kentico’s page builder feature allows for quick campaign landing pages and personalized web pages to be created with built-in workflow capabilities. Drag-and-drop interface tools allow for easy building and time-saving. Reusable widgets allow website content design quickly, effortlessly and with consistent branding. Additionally, each page can have an unlimited number of personalization variants and conditions. Editors can adjust content in dedicated sections of the page without breaking the front-end structure of the website, so no marketers don’t have to burden IT for support. 

Marketers are so busy today following the shifting trends of the market, that it just makes sense to rely on a solution that is easy to use, has convenient features and built-in workflows, and doesn’t need developers to make it work. Kentico also allows for all marketing activities to be managed in one place. Without the need for multiple platforms to manage marketing activities, there are cost savings for you in choosing Kentico.  

Working with Kentico is a great way to extend and maximize your website’s strategy and content management investment. If you’d like more information on how to make these built-in marketing features work hard for your organization, reach out and we’d be happy to chat. 

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